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Lawyers Health and Wellness Program

The Lawyers Health and Wellness Program is a Free and Confidential Assistance Program available to Members of the Law Society of Manitoba and Manitoba Articling Students through Manitoba Blue Cross.


The Lawyers Health and Wellness Program is a free and confidential service for practising lawyers in Manitoba and their families. It offers help with:

  • Stress
  • Addictions
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Family and Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Emotional/Behavioural
  • Financial Crisis

Lawyers Health and Wellness Program offers crisis-intervention and assessment, short-term counselling services to a maximum of twelve sessions per family per year, and appropriate referrals.



The practice of law is challenging. It is also demanding, competitive and stressful. Balancing career and family responsibilities adds to the pressure. The exacting nature of the profession may result in burn-out, depression, alcohol or drug dependency, family problems and other difficulties that can affect your judgement and performance and destroy your practice. Lawyers Health and Wellness Program offers a range of supports to help lawyers identify and respond to these issues as they arise.



Call the Manitoba Blue Cross Employee Assistance Centre. Blue Cross is providing this service through a contract with the Law Society of Manitoba.

Services are available anywhere in Manitoba. You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Winnipeg (204) 786-8880
Toll Free 1-800-590-5553
Deaf Access Line
(204) 775-0586


Blue Cross will issue you an identification card. The card confirms your eligibility in the program. The group number and contract number shown on the card should be referenced when you call the Employee Assistance Centre.



This service is confidential and Blue Cross will not release information without your written consent. Your identity and the nature of the personal matters discussed with counsellors are confidential. Blue Cross will not disclose any information to The Law Society of Manitoba, other than blind statistical usage reporting. The Law Society has undertaken not to subpoena counselling information in any subsequent discipline hearing against a lawyer who is using the program.

Blue Cross will schedule appointments to avoid encounters with other lawyers.

For detailed information regarding the privacy practices of Blue Cross with respect to the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of your personal information, your right to access information, your right to withdraw consent (and the consequences of such withdrawal), the name of Blue Cross' Privacy Officer, or to obtain a copy of the Blue Cross privacy brochure, please contact Blue Cross at (204) 786-8880 or visit their website at


All practising members of The Law Society of Manitoba, articling students and their immediate families are eligible. If your practising status changes, the Law Society will notify Blue Cross. You will remain enrolled in the Lawyers Health and Wellness Program for a period of six months after changing from practising to non-practising or inactive status. A suspended lawyer is also entitled to coverage for a period of six months after the date of the suspension.


The service is free to eligible members and their families. The decision to use the Program rests with you or your family members - you do not need to be in crisis to call.


Sometimes you may just want to talk to another lawyer. The Lawyers Professional Assistance Committee of the Manitoba Bar Association is available to help, on a confidential basis. Call any of the members directly. Their numbers are published in Headnotes and Footnotes, or are available through the MBA office at (204) 927-1210.


Employee Assistance Centre
A Division of Blue Cross
599 Empress Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3G 3P3

Phone (204) 786-8880
TTY (204) 775-0586 (Deaf Access Line)
Toll Free 1-800-590-5553 (within Manitoba)

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