The 2020 Annual Member Report (AMR) is now open on the member portal.

Who needs to complete the AMR?
All members of the Law Society of Manitoba who held practising status in Manitoba at any time in 2020 must file this report.

What does this include?
The AMR asks members to review and confirm their contact and practice information profiles are up to date with the Law Society and provide confirmation of rules compliance. Within this report, members must also confirm that they have met their annual MCPD requirements and all completed MCPD activities are accurately reported in their CPD Tracker.

Additional sections to be completed where applicable include the Law Corporation renewal and Trust Account Supervisor report.

When is the AMR due?
Thursday, April 1, 2021


Technical Issues
Simon Young, Director | Information Systems Development

MCPD Activities
Eileen Derksen, Director | Continuing Professional Development

Reporting Requirements
Richard Porcher, Director | Admissions and Membership

Trust Account Supervisors Reporting Requirements
Contact a member of the Audit department at