The results of the 2020 Bencher Election are in. Congratulations to our newly elected benchers and welcome to the bencher table. With an exceptional list of candidates to choose from this year, over 1,000 members made their way to the voting polls. Thank you to all the 2020 nominees for putting your names forward.

Appointed Lawyer Bencher Positions

In addition to the twelve elected benchers, the Law Society appoints four lawyers each election year to serve as appointed benchers for a two year term. How will lawyers be appointed to these positions? A nominating committee will recommend to the benchers a slate of candidates based on a skills matrix which takes into account an applicant’s knowledge and skills, background and the established competencies such as integrity and sound judgment. At least one of the four positions must be filled from the Winnipeg Electoral District and at least one from outside the Winnipeg Electoral District.

Serving as a bencher is an enriching and rewarding experience. Whether you were not in a position to run in the recent election, or unsuccessful given the limited number of available elected positions, please consider, putting your name forward as a candidate for appointment. To apply for one of the four appointed positions available for the 2020-2022 term, send your resume to Pat Bourbonnais by no later than Friday, May 8.

For additional information see the Law Society Bencher Board & Committees, Become a Bencher page.