COVID -19 Update: Articling and other New Resources and Notices

Articling We recognize that a very significant issue for lawyers, law firms and articling students (both the current and incoming class) revolves around the ability of law firms to effectively supervise articling students remotely, the impact on students’ ability to complete their articles and obtain their Call to the Bar. We are working to address […]

COVID-19 Update: Engaging with Stakeholders & Important Reminders

Engaging with Stakeholders to Provide COVID-19 Updates As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, we are engaging with various stakeholder groups such as the government, courts and Teranet Manitoba to provide important updates to Manitoba lawyers and to address issues that have been identified by the profession. These circumstances are raising challenging issues for the […]

COVID-19 Updates: More LSM News and Resources

AMR Filing Extended to May 1, 2020 The usual deadline for filing the Annual Member Report is April 1, 2020. Although most of you complete it on-line, we appreciate that many of you are occupied by more pressing issues in your practice as you respond to the COVID-19 crisis. In the circumstances, the Law Society […]

Anti-Money Laundering Requirements

The Law Society understands that members may face challenges in meeting their obligations under the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules. While we continue to expect that members will do everything possible to meet all of their obligations, we recognize that it may be challenging to verify a client’s identity where the member and his/her […]

Execution of Affidavits and Declarations

Clarification Note: The Law Society has been advised that the Court’s accommodation as set out here applies to documents filed in the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench and in the Manitoba Court of Appeal. The Court is making an accommodation that affidavits and declarations that are subject to formal requisites (i.e. they have to be […]

COVID–19 Update & Law Courts Notices

The impact of the COVID – 19 virus is unprecedented and has necessitated The Law Society of Manitoba reviewing its contingency plans and business processes. We will be implementing some measures in the next few days in an effort to minimize the spread of the virus to our staff, the legal profession and to the […]

COVID–19 Law Society Operations Update

Law Society Operations After monitoring the rapid developments regarding COVID-19 and considering the advice of public health experts and government officials, the Law Society is taking steps in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID -19. While our core operations will continue, we will be implementing a work at home plan for all employees […]

Lawyers for Literacy Postponement

The Law Society takes the health and safety of our staff, the public and the profession seriously and so we are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and following the advice of experts at public health agencies including Manitoba Health: For the most part our present operations are continuing business as usual. This means that meetings […]