Lawyer Notice

Notice of Resignation – Jeffrey Mark Rabb

By resolution of a Panel of the Discipline Committee of The Law Society of Manitoba, JEFFREY MARK RABB was found guilty of conduct unbecoming a lawyer and was permitted to resign his membership with The Law Society of Manitoba effective February 1, 2023. Leah Kosokowsky Chief Executive Officer Issued: February 24, 2023

Notice of Restriction – Tyler David Warren

TYLER DAVID WARREN has not been permitted to have a pooled trust account since May 2015 and is prohibited from handling trust money in relation to his practice of law in Manitoba. Leah Kosokowsky Chief Executive Officer Issued: February 14, 2023

Notice of Withdrawal – Karen Webb

KAREN WEBB will be retiring and withdrawing from the practice of law on or before June 30, 2023. As of February 9, 2023, KAREN WEBB will not: practice law on any real estate transaction or matter; accept new client matters or retainers; and undertake new legal work on matters opened by others in her law […]

Notice of Withdrawal – P. Richard Stefanyshyn

P. RICHARD STEFANYSHYN has retired from the active practice of law, effective January 24, 2023. Effective immediately, P. RICHARD STEFANYSHYN will no longer be accepting new client matters or files. Leah Kosokowsky Chief Executive Officer Issued: January 24, 2023