Changes to requirements for students introduced in response to COVID-19 last year will remain in place for the 2021/2022 articling year.

The Law Society of Manitoba Articling Requirements
Articling students will be eligible to be Called to the Bar providing that they have completed all educational requirements and have served articles for a minimum of thirty-six weeks rather than the usual 52 week term as required by Law Society Rule 5-5(1). This is accomplished by allowing articles to be abridged by up to 16 weeks. Law firms who can continue to employ and effectively supervise their articling students for the full 52 weeks are encouraged to do so. For more information, please see Changes to Articling Requirements Due to COVID-19 – FAQ.

PREP Admission Requirements
Students with a Canadian common law degree or Certificate of Qualification from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada may register and complete PREP without secured articles for the June and December 2021 intakes. This change allows students the opportunity to complete their Bar Admission program without delay, and develop the necessary competencies, and practice lawyer skills within PREP which they can immediately apply when they begin their articles. This change will also offer greater flexibility for firms regarding start dates for their articling students. Application for the PREP course can be made through

Recruitment Guidelines (Spring 2021)

Reminder for Winnipeg firms and organizations engaged in the recruitment of articling students for the 2022-2023 articling year, Firm Profiles are due Monday, March 22.