COVID-19 New Restrictions

On November 12, 2020, the entire Province of Manitoba was elevated to critical code red restrictions on the province’s pandemic response system. The newest Order issued under the Public Health Act permits both the Law Society and Law Firms to remain open and allow members of the public to attend providing the applicable public health measures including social distancing are implemented. Law Society staff continue to work remotely and can be contacted by either telephone or email.

Mental Health Resources

The practice of law can be stressful at the best of times. Practising law in the midst of a pandemic creates another layer of stress that can be challenging. Take this opportunity to check in with a colleague to ask “How are you doing?”. This simple act is an important reminder that we are all in this together. Please reach out if you need support. You will find a list of available resources including numbers to call to connect with immediate support for lawyers and students on the LSM Health & Wellness Program page.

Additionally, CPLED  has recently launched a New Health and Wellness section on its website providing a comprehensive list of community resources available to PREP students as well as various articles and research dealing with the issue of lawyers and mental health.

FREE online CPD Programming For Lawyer Well-Being 

As the holiday season and year-end quickly approaches, now might be the perfect time to slow down for an hour or two and take in one of these FREE valuable programs on the topic of Well-Being available through CPDonline: The Law Society of Manitoba’s Virtual Classroom

I thought the video was excellent. His presentation was so revealing at the start that he immediately established the credibility one needs to talk about the subject… His practical advice as to what to do if someone in your life is exhibiting signs was very valuable. The LSM should consider making it mandatory for all lawyers and students. – Anonymous

2020 Isaac Pitblado Lectures & Richard J. Scott Award

On Friday, November 20, 2020 the Isaac Pitblado Lecture Series: Virtually Everything You Need to Know about Advocacy will be delivered online. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Pitblado Lectures. Who in 1960 would have imagined the vast changes that have taken place in practice and in the courts over that time, even more so with the advent of the pandemic? An impressive slate of speakers will reflect on the evolution of advocacy including the challenges of remote advocacy. The winner of the Richard J. Scott Award, which is presented annually to a person who advances the rule of law through advocacy, litigation, teaching research or writing, will be announced.

Changes in Court Scheduling

The latest restrictions have led to changes in the scheduling of matters in each of the three courts in Manitoba. The latest changes in court schedules and other court notices can be found on the COVID-19 section of the Law Society website.