Employment Opportunities

The Law Society employment opportunity page helps connect lawyers with potential employers.

As submissions for this job page are limited to employment opportunities for lawyers, it should be clear from the job description that the position requires a law degree.

Submission Guidelines

There is no cost for posting an employment opportunity on the Law Society site but please carefully review the following guidelines to avoid unnecessary delays.

    1. Preferred Format – PDF File

      Or applicable link to the description on your website.

    2. Closing Date

      If no date is specified, the advertisement will be removed one month from posting. Please advise if the position is filled and needs to be removed prior to this.

    3. Important Job Details

      Please highlight any other important details worth noting such as:

      • Location Outside Manitoba
      • Term Positions vs. Permanent
      • Multiple Vacancies/Positions Available
      • Recruiting Firm if posting on behalf of the Employer

Email new employment opportunities to jobpostings@lawsociety.mb.ca. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the job posting once this has been published. Please allow up to three to five business days for a response.