Help improve the well-being of legal practitioners in Manitoba and across the country. Participate in Canada’s first national health study of the legal profession. This ground breaking initiative is the most comprehensive study on the mental health of the legal profession to be done in Canada.

This study is a collaborative initiative of all law societies in Canada, the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, and the Canadian Bar Association, carried out in partnership with the Université de Sherbrooke, under the leadership, of Dr. Nathalie Cadieux.

The purpose of the study is to better understand the factors that influence the well-being of legal professionals both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results will guide the decision makers in analyzing and developing support programs or practices to improve the conditions and promote the sustainable practice of law in Canada.

Phase one of the study involves an in-depth, confidential, and anonymous survey of legal professionals in Canada. The participation of Manitoba lawyers and articling students is essential to the success of the study. You can help make a difference.

To learn more about the survey and how to take part, please see the following letter from Dr. Nathalie Cadieux with a direct link to the survey to be completed by or before Wednesday, June 30.

For more information about the well-being initiative, visit the Federation of Law Societies website. You can also watch this short video from Dr. Cadieux. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The study includes all lawyers in Canada and articling students that are working in any capacity (private practice, public sector, university or college, etc.). It includes members who are presently unemployed, on leave and who have retired or stopped working in law in the past year.

The well-being survey is housed on the Qualtrics platform, which is compatible with all mainstream browsers. When you open the survey link, Qualtrics will place cookies on your browser to keep track of the survey session. This allows you to close the browser and later resume your session where you left off on the same device by simply clicking on the survey link (please note that this will not work if you are in private mode). There is no save button on the survey and you do not need to save your responses to return to the survey. To ensure this feature is enabled, please do not clear your cookies while you are completing the survey (e.g. in between your visits to the survey platform).

Also, once you answer the last question in the survey, your responses will be automatically submitted; you will not see a ‘submit’ button and you will not have a chance to review your answers. However, at any point before you respond to the last question, you will be able to use the “back” button to return to previous questions and change your answers if you wish.  If you have any concerns or questions about using the survey, please contact Dr. Nathalie Cadieux and her research team at the Université de Sherbrooke at 819-821-8000 #62797 or at