Notice of Undertaking – Ryan Fawcett, a.k.a Ryan William Fawcett

Effective October 8, 2020, RYAN FAWCETT, a.k.a RYAN WILLIAM FAWCETT has undertaken that, unless he has prior written authorization of the Law Society, he will not contact any woman who is:

  • a member of the Society;
  • a legal assistant; or
  • an employee of the courts, Manitoba Justice, Justice Canada or Legal Aid Manitoba;

by FaceTime, text, email or other direct messaging or video communications application, for any reason that is not strictly about a work-related matter.

This Undertaking will remain in effect pending completion of the investigation and any disciplinary proceedings that may follow or until the Society provides RYAN FAWCETT, a.k.a RYAN WILLIAM FAWCETT written notice that this Undertaking has been varied or relieved.

October 9, 2020 

Kristin Dangerfield
Chief Executive Officer