This past month, we officially said goodbye to the Law Society’s former fearless leader and CEO, Kris Dangerfield. For the past six years, Kris has led the Law Society, as it has worked its way through challenging issues like access to justice, entity regulation, and health and wellness initiatives. Over the last year, her strong and steady leadership has been invaluable in navigating the Law Society and its staff through unprecedented challenges and uncertainty brought on by a global pandemic.

Throughout her 23 years with the organization, Kris has been an exceptional leader and ambassador for Manitoba lawyers on both the national and international stage. Known for her incredible work ethic, Kris dedicated countless hours to the Federation’s Model Code of Conduct, later implemented by the various Canadian Law Societies. During her time with the Law Society, Kris also assisted with the Federation and Justice Canada project and the development of a Code of Professional Conduct for lawyers in Mexico.

Thank you, Kris, for your incredible contribution to the Law Society and the legal profession. We hope you enjoy a well-deserved break in retirement. All of us at the Law Society will continue to strive for excellence in regulation while treating the public and the profession with respect and dignity and do our best to fill your enormous (and always beautiful) shoes.

Thank you & Happy Retirement Kris!

CEO, Kristin Dangerfield