Foreign Legal Consultant

If you are a lawyer practising in a regulated foreign jurisdiction, you may be able to practise the law of that jurisdiction in Manitoba, if:

  • You have practised law in your home jurisdiction for at least three years or you are practising under the supervision of a foreign legal consultant who has practised as such for three years
  • You are, at all times, a member in good standing in your home jurisdiction
  • You are a person of good character and repute
  • You carry professional liability insurance, bond, indemnity or other security that:
    • Is reasonably comparable in coverage and amount that is maintained by the Law Society of Manitoba
    • Extends to you acting as a foreign legal consultant
  • You have defalcation compensation coverage that extends to you acting as a foreign legal consultant.

In order to practise as a foreign legal consultant, you will need to submit:

  1. An application for a permit to act as a foreign legal consultant
  2. A certificate of good standing or other documentation from your home jurisdiction showing that you are a member in good standing
  3. Evidence of your length of practise in your home jurisdiction
  4. Two certificates of good character
  5. An undertaking to submit to the jurisdiction of The Law Society of Manitoba and to comply with The Legal Profession Act , Law Society Rules and the Code of Professional Conduct.
  6. Evidence of professional liability insurance
  7. Evidence of defalcation compensation coverage.
  8. Application fee

The Law Society may fix conditions attached to your permit.

Scope and Duration of Permit

As a foreign legal consultant, you are entitled only to give legal advice respecting the law of your home jurisdiction.  You are not permitted to engage in any other aspects of the practice of Manitoba law or appear in any court or before any tribunal.  You also are not permitted to deal with trust funds in any fashion.

Your foreign legal consultant permit is effective for a period of one year but may be renewed annually for a fee if you continue to meet the requirements to act as a foreign legal consultant.