Complaints handled by the Law Society

Some common concerns the Law Society can address through the complaints process include:

  • Your lawyer won’t respond to your communications.
  • Your lawyer is not keeping you informed about what is going on with your file.
  • There is unreasonable and unexplained delay in moving your matter forward.
  • Your lawyer won’t return your files or documents at the conclusion of a retainer.
  • Your lawyer refuses to provide you with a detailed statement of account.
  • Your lawyer is rude or threatening.
  • Your lawyer is in a conflict of interest.

Complaints We Do Not Have the Authority to Investigate

We cannot look into matters regarding Judges, Masters or any officers of the court. This is outside of our jurisdiction.

If your complaint is regarding negligence (your lawyer has made a mistake) or about your legal fees, please refer to the information regarding Other Resolutions for additional information on these types of complaints.