Code of Professional Conduct

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This section contains the Law Society of Manitoba Code of Professional Conduct.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Interpretation and Definitions
Definitions for key terms used throughout the Code.

Chapter 2: Standards of The Legal Profession
Rules and commentaries relating to the obligation of a lawyer to practice law honourably and with integrity.

Chapter 3: Relationship to Clients
Rules and commentaries on client-related issues such as lawyer competence, conflicts of interest and confidentiality.

Chapter 4: Marketing of Legal Services
Rules and commentaries on issues relating to law practices such as firm names and advertising.

Chapter 5: Relationship to the Administration of Justice
Rules and commentaries relating to a lawyer’s responsibilities to the courts, participants in the legal system and to the overall administration of justice.

Chapter 6: Relationship to Students, Employees and Others
Rules and commentaries governing a lawyer’s conduct toward students, employees and others, including areas such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

Chapter 7: Relationship to the Society and Other Lawyers
Rules and commentaries covering issues such as a lawyer’s responsibilities toward the Law Society, other lawyers and when involved in public office.


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