Recently the Law Society introduced changes to the Rules and Code of Professional Conduct, to allow lawyers to deliver legal services through Civil Society Organizations (CSO). Registered charities and not-for-profits can now apply to the Law Society to be registered as a CSO, and upon approval, offer legal services to their clients on-site through a volunteer lawyer or a lawyer hired or contracted to provide these services at no cost to the client. Approval is subject to several conditions.

This initiative represents an effort to increase the availability of legal assistance to the more vulnerable segments of our population. By facilitating new and inclusive points for accessing legal services, the Law Society’s goal is to help charities and their clients identify legal issues and potential resolutions sooner. With direct access to legal services, Manitobans can quickly get the help they need, ultimately resulting in less stress and better client outcomes.

For more information about this initiative and how charities and not-for-profits organizations can register see LSM Initiatives Civil Society Organizations.