Discipline Notices

Date of Notice
Discipline Notice
2020-07-27 Notice of Withdrawal Grant Randolph Clay
2020-06-25 Notice of Suspension Vibhu Raj Jhanji
2019-10-07 Notice of Suspension Jonathan Andrew Richert
2019-09-25 Notice of Restrictions John Loring Patrick Sinclair
2019-07-17 Notice of Suspension Paul Richard Hesse
2019-05-14 Notice of Restrictions Subhash (Sam) Chand Khandelwal
2019-03-28 Notice of Injunction Michael Kalo
2019-03-04 Notice of Suspension Paul Sydney Vyamucharo-shawa
2018-11-21 Notice of Undertaking Gisele Rita Champagne
2018-05-30 Notice of Restriction Subhash (Sam) Chand Khandelwal
2018-03-18 Notice of Suspension Junling Wang
2017-12-07 Notice of Restricted Practice John Loring Patrick Sinclair
2017-11-22 Notice of Suspension Bonnie Lynne Gembey
2017-06-16 Notice of Restricted Practice Brian Attwood (Woody) Langford
2013-11-25 Notice of Restricted Practice Kenneth Bryan Young