Discipline Notices

Date of Notice
Discipline Notice
2023-01-24 Notice of Withdrawal P. Richard Stefanyshyn
2022-09-06 Notice of Supervision Thomas (Tom) Turner
2022-03-25 Notice of Suspension Margaret Catherine Carroll
2021-11-24 Notice of Interim Suspension Caroline Cramer
2021-11-15 Notice of Suspension Chaman Deep Badohal
2021-04-08 Notice of Withdrawal Dean Richert
2020-10-09 Notice of Undertaking Ryan William Fawcett
2020-09-11 Notice of Undertaking Gisele Rita Champagne
2020-06-25 Notice of Suspension Vibhu Raj Jhanji
2019-05-14 Notice of Restrictions Subhash (Sam) Chand Khandelwal
2019-03-28 Notice of Injunction Michael Kalo
2018-11-21 Notice of Undertaking Gisele Rita Champagne
2018-05-30 Notice of Restriction Subhash (Sam) Chand Khandelwal
2013-11-25 Notice of Restricted Practice Kenneth Bryan Young