2022 Bencher Nominees

City of Winnipeg Electoral District

My name is David H. Davis, and I would like to formally put forward my name as a candidate for the position of Bencher at the Law Society of Manitoba.

I have prepared a brief statement providing some background about myself as an individual and lawyer as well as an explanation of why I think I deserve to be considered for the position.


I am a graduate of UBC law school in the class of 1988. I articled under Greg Brodsky at Walsh Micay and Co. and then got my Call to the Bar in June, 1989. Before law school I obtained my Arts Degree with focus in political science and history from the University of Manitoba in 1985.

I was an avid musician playing trumpet for the Sault Ste. Marie, ON Symphony and Jazz Orchestra. Although my trumpet days are long past, I am a supporter of the Winnipeg Symphony and love to listen to classic jazz such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Bill Evans amongst many others.

As a passionate Winnipeg Jets, Blue Bomber, Goldeyes and Valour FC fan, I love supporting our local teams from the stands. I do play some sports as well: I co-captain the “Shoeless Barristers” in the Manitoba Bar Softball league. I also play in a competitive men’s floor hockey league, as well as football, tennis, golf, cycling and badminton. To keep in shape as age is creeping up on me, I have recently discovered the healing power of Yoga. Yoga is great not just for physical endurance but is also very good for keeping the mind fit and relaxed. It’s a great way to release tension which naturally arises from the practice of law.

I practiced law for Randy Minuk and Co. and then became an Associate Lawyer at D’Arcy and Deacon prior to hanging up my own shingle in 1997. I originally concentrated my law practice in the area of criminal defence work prior to making immigration law my sole focus.

In 2019 I felt the urge and calling of law school again, so I enrolled and graduated with my Global Professional Master of Laws degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law with the focus being in the area of Innovation, Law & Technology in November, 2020. Following my education, I became extremely interested in the area of privacy law data matters as well as cybersecurity law which led me to establish a new legal brand called Davis Cyber Law in May, 2021. The new legal entity is focused on assisting existing businesses and new start ups in the areas of privacy law and cybersecurity law.

When I was elected as Member-at-Large for the National Immigration Section of the CBA in July, 2021, I took on the new task of establishing continuing professional development for immigration lawyers across the country in the form of virtual webinars. In this role I have had the pleasure of making new friends across the country as well as meeting many senior government officials.

Over the past several years I have also contributed to the national immigration law scene compiling and completed submissions to the Minister of Immigration with policy recommendations to improve the delivery of efficient and fair-minded immigration law changes for members of the public. I am also a past chair of the local immigration section and have established by-laws to ensure new and engaging lawyers have an opportunity to become chair of the section.

I have also had the privilege of being a past member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. I was elected as Canada Chapter Chair from 2006-2008 where I was actively organizing conferences and meetings for the Chapter and ensuring our members were receiving the most up-to-date information about US immigration practising notices.

As a contributing writer for the Legal Research Section of the MBA and chair of this section over the past two years, I have aided in delivering many virtual webinars for members of the Bar. As a firm believer of well-informed advocacy, I have also become a Member-at-large for the Criminal Justice Section of the MBA. In this role I provide up to date knowledge to the criminal defence Bar on the immigration law consequences following a conviction of particular criminal law charges.

The Lawyers for Literacy program sponsored by the LSM is an important and significant event that we as lawyers give back to the youth in our society. I am proud to say I have contributed in this endeavour many times over the past number of years both in person and virtually.

Finally, I have been an invited guest speaker for Robson Hall Law School and CLEA in the area of immigration law over the past several years.

When I am not working as a lawyer, you will find me trying to keep up with my toddler, Sheyna, who is two and a half as well as enjoying running with my elder daughter Aviva and playing the occasional round of golf with my son Ari.

Why vote for me?

I believe that my unique life experience allows me the opportunity to effectively represent the public interest. I also strongly believe and understand the importance of listening to the voices of undeserved communities such as BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+. Impartiality is an important asset to have and one that I include in my every day practise of law. These are important assets that I think any Bencher ought to possess.

I am dedicated to the legal community of Winnipeg and Manitoba and understand the demands of the legal profession as well as the importance of ensuring the protection of the public’s best interests. Over the past 32 years that I have spent practicing law, I have learned many lessons which I continue to carry with me to this day. While I have made mistakes in the past, I have learned from them and understand the importance of honesty, accountability, and continuous self-improvement. I take my job seriously and I sincerely hope that you will give me the honour of representing you in the operations of the Law Society of Manitoba.

I hope to have your support.

Kyle is a partner at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, where she has practiced in the areas of commercial, construction and insurance litigation since her articling year (1999) and Call to the Manitoba Bar (2000). She has experience in a broad range of areas, including insurance, contractual disputes, negligence, construction litigation, debtor/creditor litigation, administrative law, trust litigation and pension law matters.

Kyle has volunteered with the Law Society of Manitoba since 2010, and served as a Bencher from December 2018 to 2020 and May 2021 to the present.  Kyle has had the opportunity to sit on numerous committees, including the Nominating Committee, Practice and Ethics Committee (Chair), Professional Liability Claims Fund Committee (Vice-Chair), Discipline Committee, President’s Special Committee on Health and Wellness, Community and Legal Education Association (liaison), Admissions and Education Committee, Admissions and Education Appeals Committee, Equity Committee, President’s Special Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services, and the President’s Special Committee on Trust Safety.

Kyle is a member of her firm’s Continuing Legal Education Committee, was the Co-Chair of her firm’s Associates Committee, and was a Learning Group Facilitator for the CPLED program for several years.  She is grateful for the opportunity to work with, mentor, and support junior lawyers; it greatly enhances her enjoyment of practising law.

In addition to her professional commitments, Kyle has volunteered with a number of community organizations over the years, including Siloam Mission, Winnipeg Harvest (now Harvest Manitoba), Freeze Frame, Manta Swim Club, and as a “Bench Mom” for her youngest daughter’s ringette team.

In 2020, Kyle completed the Compassionate Care Course offered by Palliative Manitoba, and hopes to volunteer with that organization in the future.  The pandemic has heightened her resolve to be kind, to foster healthy relationships, and to serve her community.

In all that she does, Kyle tries to be fair, honest, practical, reasonable, and thoughtful.  She has the ability to listen to (and to hear) others, and brings an objective, creative, insightful and tolerant perspective to the Benchers’ table.

Kyle has tremendously valued her time and work as a Bencher and would be grateful for the opportunity to continue her service to the public, members of the profession, and the Manitoba legal community as a Bencher of the Law Society of Manitoba.

Raised in Winnipeg, I graduated from the U of Winnipeg with a B.Sc. in 1997. I then went to Korea where I taught English at various institutions including universities, the R.O.K Navy, the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS), Daewon Foreign Language High School, and later the John Ham English Institute.  As executive secretary to the President of the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), I was afforded the opportunity to address global leaders of industry and science as part of the Association of East Asian Research University (AEARU), which were comprised of the top science universities in East Asia.

I came back to Canada with my family in tow in 2007.  I entered the U of Manitoba Law School in 2008 and graduated with my Juris Doctor from Robson Hall in 2011.  I articled with Legal Aid Manitoba in The Pas, and after articles, I joined the Thompson Crown’s office in 2012. My tenure in Northern Manitoba allowed me to gain a profound experience and awareness of the various legal, practical, and socio-economic issues facing indigenous communities and the entire northern community at large. I am further humbled and awed by my wife who managed to immigrate to Canada, learn a foreign language, attend university and become a registered nurse during that time, all the while raising two kids and a husband. After her graduation, I transferred to the Winnipeg Crown’s office in September of 2019.

At home, I play a little guitar and sing a little.  I drive my kids around to their various activities and make weekly shopping trips to Costco where my wife likes to spend “our” money on every new product that Costco brings in.

I serve Manitoba through my position at work and I serve my family at home. I am asking for the opportunity to serve my fellow members as a Bencher.  Whether in Winnipeg, in Asia or in First Nations communities, and, whether addressing chief and council, leaders of industry, diplomats, military personnel, students, or homemakers, I try to treat everyone equally and as respectfully as I would like to be treated.   Thank you.

Sharyne is an associate at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP practising in the area of civil litigation, with a particular emphasis on construction litigation and professional regulation. She was called to the bar in 2017 after completing her articling year at TDS.

She was the Student Bencher for the 2016/2017 class after being elected by her peers. She has served as a member of the Admissions and Education Committee, as well as on the President’s Special Committee on Regulating Legal Entities.

Sharyne is the President and Chair of Swimmingly Inc., a not-for-profit organization that provides affordable, one-on-one swimming lessons for children with exceptional needs. She also sits on the board of directors of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Manitoba.

Sharyne hopes to rejoin the bencher table in 2022 to advance the mandate of the Law Society in ensuring the competent and ethical practice of law within Manitoba and the protection of the public interest.

I have been a lawyer for almost 26 years (it seems now, as if most of these years were during Covid; so impactful has the pandemic been on our notion of time).  As Benchers during Covid, we have all had to “pivot” to zoom, included a multi-day Strategic Session to chart current issues. Yet, collectively, a lot of great work has been done on the various committees. I highly recommend you think about putting your name forward and consider becoming a bencher. The work is meaningful and interesting, and the staff are excellent.

What can I bring to the table? I articled with Manitoba Justice in 1995, and later worked with the Provincial Prosecutions Office, the Federal Prosecutions Services (now the PPSC), the Family Law Branch (as it then was), CLEA, and for over the last 10 years, have been in private practice. As a private practitioner, my opportunity to serve as a Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Residential Tenancies Commission, serve as an Independent Adjudicator at a Crown Corporation, or teach courses at the Law School or through CPLED have been enriching and immensely satisfying adjuncts to my practice.

I have been active in our profession over my career. I served in different roles: President of the Manitoba Association of Crown Attorneys, President of the Community Legal Education Association, President of the Manitoba Bar Association. I have been lucky to have also coached several Robson Hall Moot Court Teams over the years and have regularly taught courses at both CPLED (as it then was) and at the Law School.  I’ve mentioned several times that every time I’m around these future lawyers, I realize two things: the future of our legal profession is bright, and that I was obviously lucky to have been accepted into law school.  As Chair of the CBA Ethics and Professional Responsibilities Committee I learned all kinds of fancy things about Entity Regulation, Ethical Infrastructure and changing models across the world and spoke about these topics regularly at several conferences. In short, I have been very lucky to meet so many brighter, smarter, more talented lawyers and advocates than myself. From them I have learned so much. So too with being Bencher – there are very wise and smart voices at the table, and I have enjoyed my first term as a Bencher: it was my apprenticeship where I learned, observed, and participated on committee work.

I’m asking for your vote because I believe I have something to offer: my time as an actively involved public servant, the experience of running a small practice with a team of superb people, an active participant in delivering legal education and many years of experience serving some of our legal professional associations at the executive level.  These last 2 years have been “interesting” – the idea of completing court submissions by telephone or video was unfathomable when I started practice but somehow, we have all tried to make it work and it has. The public servants, Court staff and lawyers have all collaborated and it’s been something to behold.  Simply look at the ever-mounting volumes of practice notices online!

It has always been an exciting time to be a lawyer. I would like to continue to contribute to the discussions around regulation and public protection conversations, difficult issues that should especially interest all lawyers and those dedicated to the independence of our profession and the myriad of changes we’ve all experienced.  I hope you will consider voting for me to continue this journey!

To learn more, or to chat about my thoughts please feel free to contact me at tony@kavalaw.ca.

Jeffrey King is a litigation and dispute resolution lawyer with PKF Lawyers at its head office in downtown Winnipeg.

A former Judicial Law Clerk to the Honourable Chief Justice Charbonneau of the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories, Jeffrey has always had a passion for advocacy. Since receiving his call to the Manitoba Bar in 2019, Jeffrey has appeared as sole/lead counsel in the Manitoba Court of Appeal, the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Manitoba Provincial Court.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Manitoba, Jeffrey attended the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, obtaining his Juris Doctorate. At the U of W, he was a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant for the First Year Legal Research and Writing Course. He academically ranked second in his class of 154 law students.

Jeffrey, a committed Winnipegger, hopes to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Daniel Abraham “Abe” Yanofsky, O.C., Q.C., a Winnipeg lawyer, politician, and chess player, as an active and contributing member of the legal profession and our community. To date, Jeffrey has held a variety of volunteer positions with several governmental and non-governmental organizations in the Winnipeg community, including by serving as a Music Instructor with the Winnipeg School Division, a Band Director with the Mennonite Central Committee, a Concert Assistant with the Rady Jewish Community Centre, and a Youth Mentor with Manitoba Justice in the Lighthouses Crime-Prevention Program at the Elwick Boys and Girls Club.

Leah Klassen graduated from Robson Hall in 2014 and was called to the Bar of Manitoba in 2015. She subsequently was called to the Bar in Ontario in 2016 and practiced in the areas of family and fertility law in Toronto and the surrounding area for several years before returning to Winnipeg to join Wolseley Law LLP in 2019. She practices in the areas of family law, wills and real estate. Leah is currently a partner at Wolseley Law.

Leah is trained in collaborative family law and is an active member of Collaborative Practice Manitoba. She has worked with the Law Society of Manitoba on several of their access to justice initiatives and currently supervises the Law Library Hub project. Leah also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Regenesis Centre for Recovery and volunteers on occasion with the Community Legal Education Association giving presentations on various areas of family law.

How to concisely describe someone in a few paragraphs is no easy task but let’s start with that which is most important and go from there. Chris Lange is a husband to a very understanding wife, and father to four fantastic children and one oversized dog. He is a Manitoba Metis, who graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law in 2011, then he articled and was called to the bar in British Columbia in 2012. Missing the cold winters, he moved back to Winnipeg in 2013 and started his own law office in 2014, using the most unique and original name he could think of, Chris Lange Law Office. After 8 years, a couple of name changes, and location changes, the office is now known as Lange Khokhar Law,  which has given Chris experience not just in the practice of law but also in the management of a growing law office.

Chris now focuses his practice exclusively in the area of real estate, which has given him the privilege of presenting in front of groups and organizations on those topics, from financial institutions, real estate brokerages, and community groups. He is an instructor for the Manitoba Real Estate Association’s continuing education program for Realtors and is on a committee of like professionals reviewing and proposing changes to the Standard Offer to Purchase for Real Estate in Manitoba. He is a past president of the Transcona Biz and the Winnipeg Transcona Rotary Club, both being organizations dedicated to the community where Chris grew up.

I am a partner with the estates and trusts boutique of Tradition Law LLP where I practice in estate litigation. I was called to the bar in 1997 and have practiced litigation in Winnipeg since then. I am just finishing my first two-year term as a bencher, and I’m hopeful of earing your vote for another term. In my time as bencher, I have served on the Discipline, Indigenous Advisory, and Health and Wellness Committees, as well as on the President’s Special Committee on Regulating Legal Entities.

I have also been involved locally and nationally with the Canadian Bar Association: I am a past president of the Manitoba Bar Association and a life council member; I am the former chair of the CBA Legislation and Law Reform Committee; I am a former co-chair of the MBA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community section; I am currently on the executive of the MBA Wills and Estates Section. I am the former chair of the Insurance Agents and Adjusters Licensing Appeal Board, and a current alternate chair of the Manitoba Review Board (Criminal Code). I sit as the legal member of the Judicial Inquiry Board, and previously sat on the board of the Canadian Bar Insurance Association / Lawyers Financial as well as on the boards of a number of other non-profit organisations.

Not only to protect the public, but also to maintain and protect the privilege of being a self-regulating profession, I think it is imperative that our governing body represent and reflect the personal and professional diversity of our profession. Not every client is the same, not every lawyer is the same, not every workplace is the same, so not every bencher should be the same. It would be an honour and privilege for me to serve another term as a bencher.

My name is Alison McCullough-Butchart. I am General Counsel with Qualico Developments Canada Ltd. Prior to moving to an in-house counsel position I was in private practice and sat as a Deputy Chief Commissioner with the Residential Tenancies Commission for five years.

I am interested in becoming a bencher because I have unique skills based on my background to offer. As the legal profession continues to experience change I believe it is valuable to have input from lawyers outside of private practice. I am also an immigrant and I feel it is important to have diversity at the table. I have lived in Canada since 2000 after moving to Winnipeg from Northern Ireland. I hold a B.A. (Hon) and LL.M from the Queen’s University of Belfast and an LL.B from the University of Manitoba. I am interested in access to justice and how we educate and train articling students.

I am an active volunteer in the community. I currently hold the position of Vice-chair on the Board of Directors at Food Matters Manitoba. I volunteer with this organization because I am interested in learning more about food security and sustainability in First Nation communities in Manitoba. I also volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Manitoba with their volunteer home builds. I am the former chair of the Winnipeg Public Library Board and former Co-chair at Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre. I have served on many committees related to the Boards I have sat on.

I also volunteer within the legal community. I am a mentor in the Manitoba Bar Association Mentorship Program. I volunteer at Law Day by coaching high school students in mock trial preparation and as a judge of debates. I have been involved in the Manitoba Bar Association Civil Litigation section for over ten years and currently hold the position of Past-chair. I have volunteered at the Legal Help Centre as both a volunteer lawyer and a workshop presenter. I am a former member of The Law Society of Manitoba Practice and Ethics Committee.

I would appreciate your support, thank you.

I’ve been a Bencher since 2018. I’d like to continue and I’m hoping for your support.

I am called to the Bar of Manitoba (2002) and Ontario (2006). I practice civil litigation and administrative advocacy (in French and in English) as a partner with MLT Aikins LLP.

Prior to joining MLT Aikins LLP, I was an associate and a partner with Hill Sokalski Walsh LLP. I also practiced with the Ottawa offices of Heenan Blaikie LLP after articling and practicing at Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP. Having practiced in a smaller firm in Winnipeg and with larger firms both in Ottawa and in Winnipeg has provided me with an understanding of the differences, challenges and opportunities that exist in that regard.

In addition to my past experience as Bencher, I am also a past President of l’Association des juristes d’expression française du Manitoba, the immediate past President of la Société de la francophonie manitobaine, a past member of the Department of Justice Advisory Committee on Access to Justice in Both Official Languages and am Member of the Conseil Métis Elzéar Goulet and the Fédération Métis du Manitoba.

Afin d’assurer un accès égal à la justice et de servir le public en français, le Barreau du Manitoba doit continuer d’appuyer ses membres francophones et francophiles et de servir le public en français. Bien qu’il y eu bien du progrès, il reste toujours du travail à faire. Avec votre appui, j’aimerais continuer ce travail qui est fort nécessaire afin d’assurer l’accès à la justice dans les deux langues officielles.

I recognize the need for legal services to be accessible to the entire community. In that regard, I am a strong supporter of pro bono work. Most recently, I was the recipient of the Manitoba Bar Association’s 2021 Public Interest Pro Bono award for my work as part of a team representing the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.

I believe that the work of the Law Society is important to our ability to continue as a self-governing and independent profession. There are many pressing issues that will continue to require the attention of the Law Society, such as ensuring access to justice and continuing our work with respect to delivering on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

On the whole, the Law Society needs to proactively guide the profession through a landscape that changes on a seemingly daily basis and develop the appropriate regulatory framework and member support, all the while continuing to serve the public interest.

In that regard, I believe that complex issues can only be properly addressed when those considering them bring to the table a diversity of views, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Ca me ferait plaisir de discuter avec vous. Merci.
E: cmonnin@mltaikins.com T: 204.957.4621

Thank you for considering me for re-election to the position of Bencher of The Law Society of Manitoba. It has been my honour to serve this past almost 6 years.

It has been a tough 2 years. While we continue to make progress, we have had to take into consideration our changing circumstances.  Some examples being: temporarily shortening articling; part -time practicing fee pilot project; and virtual just about everything. I have been fortunate to be part of a managing partner group that has met regularly the last 24 months to lean on each other for ideas on how to manage the pandemic. What I have learned is much has changed ( who knew we could all work from home)  in our profession and much continues to change ( who knew working from home could be so easy and so hard). The Law Society needs to continue to evolve with these changes. It will.

I have practiced at Levene Tadman Golub (and its predecessors) since 1985.  For most of that time my preferred area of practice has been civil litigation.

I have been involved with the Canadian Bar Association (currently I am on the Board of Canadian Bar Insurance Association/Lawyers Financial); the Law Society of Manitoba (I am currently serving as the vice chair of Discipline, the Investment Committee Chairperson, the vice-chairperson on the President’s Special Committee on New Entities and am vice- president elect. I have attached a listing of my LSM roles in the past.  I have taught CPLED (oral advocacy) and at the Faculty of Law (Torts).

I believe it is important to give back to a profession that has enhanced the quality of life of lawyers generally and of me personally.

By way of background, I have been president of the Canadian Bar Association, Manitoba Branch (since 2001 and Life Counsel Member), I have served as Treasurer of Canadian Bar Association National (2007-2010) and am a board member of Canadian Bar Insurance Association/Lawyers Financial 2020. Those experiences have taught me to budget and manage cooperatively and consensually within a non-profit volunteer-operated organization.  I have been involved in the management of Levene Tadman for more than 20 years (including serving as the managing partner) which has given me insight as to the cost of our maintaining our practices and the value of doing so efficiently.

I have sat on the Board of Directors of the Forks/ North Portage Corporation (1997-2009) and on the Board of Directors of the United Way of Winnipeg (1992-1998).  From those experiences I have learned how to work cooperatively with representatives of government and with Crown Corporations.

My current and past involvement with the Canadian Bar Association with the Law Society of Manitoba committees has given me an appreciation of the different roles played by the Canadian Bar Association (advocacy and service provider) and by the Law Society (regulation and protection of the public interest).  It is my belief that those different roles should result in the same or similar decisions made by each body most of the time.  What is in the public interest is usually also in the interests of the members of the legal profession.

If re-elected I will do my best to move the organization forward for the advancement of the interests both of our lawyers and of the public our profession serves.

For your ease of reference, I append a list of committees of the Law Society of Manitoba on which I have served.  Thank you for having taken the time to read this.


–     Discipline Committee  2021 (Vice Chairperson), 2020  (2011 to 2014 – Volunteer)

–     Investment Committee  2016 to 2021 (Chairperson), (2010 to 2015 – Volunteer)

–     President’s Special Committee on Regulating Legal Entities  2021 (Vice Chairperson), 2020 (Chairperson)

–     Admissions and Education Committee  2020

–     Admissions and Education Appeals Committee  2020 (Vice Chairperson)

–     Complaints Investigation Committee  2019 (Chairperson), 2018, 2017 (Vice Chairperson), 2016

–     President’s Special Committee on Health and Wellness  2019 (Vice Chairperson)

–     Reimbursement Fund Claims Committee  2018 (Vice Chairperson), (2002 – Volunteer)

–     Nominating Committee  2019

–     President’s Special Committee on Communications 2017

–     Practice and Ethics Committee  (2011, 2005 to 2008, 2001, 2000 – Volunteer)

–     President’s Special Committee on Paralegals  (2009 – Volunteer)

–     President’s Special Committee on the Independence of the Legal Profession  (2008 – Volunteer)

–     President’s Code of Conduct Committee  (2006 and 2007 – Volunteer)

–     Practice and Ethics Committee  (2005 – Volunteer)

–     Professional Liability Claims Fund Committee  (2004, 2003, 1999 – Volunteer)

Ashley is a graduate of Dalhousie University’s BComm and combined LLB/MBA degrees. She was called to the Nova Scotia Bar in 2010, to the Ontario Bar in 2014, and to the Manitoba Bar in 2019.

Ashley began her career at a law firm in rural Nova Scotia and practised in the areas of family law, general litigation, employment and human rights, and wills and estates. She also assisted in managing the operations of the 12-lawyer law corporation.

Ashley’s next professional venture was in Angus, Ontario where she established Pledger Law to serve the military and surrounding community in and around Canadian Forces Base Borden. During that time, she provided legal support to working families and had the pleasure of providing employment to three legal assistants, two paralegals and an articling student, all beginning their careers in the legal community.

When her spouse was posted to Winnipeg, they made Manitoba their home and despite intending to join the military herself, she instead opted to accept a position with the City of Winnipeg. Currently Ashley is the Acting Deputy Solicitor and the Team Lead for the Litigation Team within the City of Winnipeg’s Legal Service Department. She is part of a hard working team and has enjoyed this part of her career as a public servant.

Ashley has been active on a number of boards and committees including, a Commissioner with the Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission, a Board Member for the Borden Family Resource Centre and a member of the Racial Equity Committee of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. She took a break from board work while raising a young family and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashley is looking forward to now serving Manitoba’s legal community.

Thank you for your vote!

I was called to the bar in 2004 and have been practicing in the area of criminal defence my entire career, first with Killeen Rolston Wiebe, and now at Wasyliw Wiebe.

I am a working mother of 2 (ages 7 and 5), so I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who is willing to work in our home and be a stay at home parent.   That said, I can still often be found hanging out at the rink watching my kids play hockey, or at dance class or gymnastics with my daughter.  For me, one of the best things about being a lawyer is the schedule flexibility that usually lets me have the best of both worlds.

I have been an elected bencher since 2018, and have had the privilege of being on a number of LSM Committees.  While I have enjoyed all of the committees that I have sat on, I am particularly proud of the work that has been done by the President’s Special Committee on Health and Wellness during my tenure there.  I believe that Law(yer) Strong in particular will really benefit the legal profession.

I truly enjoy being as a bencher, not only because of the important work being done, but also because of the amazing people that I have had the opportunity to work with.  Our profession has the freedom, but also the responsibility of being self-governing, and the benchers have approached this task with insight and dedication.  It would be my privilege to continue to continue to serve our profession as a bencher.


Dauphin Central Electoral District

My legal practise consists of a broad solicitors practise as a lawyer with Christianson TDS. I work out of offices in Portage la Prairie, Neepawa, and MacGregor. I have served as the Bencher for the Central-Dauphin electoral district since 2020 and I am seeking re-election in order to continue the important work that the Law Society currently has in progress.

During my time as a Bencher I have served on a number of Committees including Complaints Investigation, Admissions and Education, and Equity.

In addition to my legal practise I am also an avid sports fan, participating in a variety of different sports and attending live events whenever I can spare the time (COVID permitting).

Eastern Electoral District

After attending the University of North Dakota Law School where I completed my Juris Doctorate, I returned home and completed the National Committee on Accreditation program. In May of 2015, I commenced my articling year with Smith Neufeld Jodoin LLP and have practiced with the firm since my call in May of 2016.

Providing legal services in a rural setting has been a great experience, having met countless amazing clients and lawyers. I hope to represent the Eastern District to and provide the Law Society with a fresh perspective and a voice that speaks to rural realities.

In addition to my practice, I care deeply about providing people with access to mental health and wellness. In 2014, I began serving on the board of Aulneau Renewal Center and after 5 years, I decided to leave my seat to join Sara Riel Inc. & Sara Riel Foundation where I currently hold position of vice chair.  I am proud to serve organizations with mandates to expand access to mental health to those in need. Further, as of 2021, I have been a member of the Law Society of Manitoba President’s Special Committee on Health and Wellness. Gaining this experience serving as a positive force in our community has brought me tremendous fulfillment.

While I was born and raised in St. Boniface, I have deep rural roots in the South-East region. My wife and I now call Steinbach home and are proud members of the community. In my spare time, I love to golf in the summer and curl in the winter.

Northern Electoral District

I am Indigenous from Misipawistik Cree Nation.  I have dedicated myself to serving the North since receiving my LLB in 1999.  I articled at Legal Aid in The Pas and then worked as a sole practitioner in The Pas for 3 years until moved to The Pas Crowns Office in 2003 where I have remained since.  I became a Senior Crown Attorney in 2013 and then the Supervising Senior Crown Attorney in 2018, a position I continue to hold.

I was born and raised in the North and moved to Winnipeg to advance my education and then returned to the North after graduation and quickly realized in my articling year that I had an interest in criminal law and wanted to dedicate my professional career to service an underserviced area of the province.  For the last 23 years, I have always enjoyed travelling to circuit courts on a regular basis and find it’s the best was to learn and know about a community and its members.  I have travelled to these circuit locations in many forms, and on two occasions, rode in the back of a RCMP truck and once, had to help push our plane back onto the runway and have attended Court when it was held outside on the grass.  I have experienced many of the issues that come with the legal system in the North, such as limited resources and staff shortage and one occasion, being only one of two Crown Attorneys in the office until positions were filled.

I have years of experience living in the North and working with the surrounding Indigenous communities, RCMP and Manitoba First Nation Police and with the Justice Committees.  I bring demonstrated experience, skills and knowledge relevant to being a Bencher in the North.

Simon Jack was the second-last person to receive an LL.B from Robson Hall at the University of Manitoba, graduating on the dean’s list in 2013. He then articled in Northern Manitoba with the Thompson Community Law Centre. After being called to the bar, he practiced at the TCLC until 2017, when he entered private practice. He is originally from Atlantic Canada, having grown up in PEI, attended high school at King’s-Edgehill in Nova Scotia, and received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick at Saint John. Most of his practice is in the field of criminal law, where he has achieved success at all levels of court in Manitoba. He is passionate about access to justice issues, trial advocacy, and a variety of hobbies.

Western Electoral District

I was called to the Manitoba Bar in 1988, and have practised with the law firm of Meighen Haddad LLP since 1992. I am the managing partner of the firm, which operates out of our main office in Brandon, along with 11 branch offices in southwestern Manitoba and a new office in southeastern Saskatchewan.

My law practice is focused primarily in the areas of corporate/commercial and agribusiness transactions. I have participated as a CPLED facilitator, presented papers on topics at the Pitblado lectures and other Law Society programs, along with the Manitoba Bar Association Mid-Winter meetings. I am currently serving as a member of the Law Society Reimbursement Claims Fund Committee.

I would appreciate an opportunity to serve the members of the Law Society as a Bencher for the Western Electoral District.

Kelli obtained her LLB from the University of Manitoba in 2004. She started her legal career in Winnipeg before moving to Westman in 2011, joining Patersons LLP where she is a Partner. Her practice focuses mainly on family law, estate administration and farm transition planning. She is also an accredited mediator and arbitrator.

Over the years Kelli has been active within her communities by sitting on a variety of boards and volunteering for a number of events and organizations. In addition to her community volunteer work, she is a life member of Manitoba Bar Council, a past co-Chair of the MBA Alternative Dispute Resolution subsection and a past President of the Western Manitoba Bar Association. Currently, she is a Member-at-Large of the MBA Family Subsection and a member of the Westman Chapter of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors.

In 2020 Kelli was appointed as a Bencher for the Law Society of Manitoba. During the past two years she has been a member of The Complaints Investigation Committee, The Reimbursement Claims Fund Committee and The President’s Special Committee on Regulating Legal Entities. In 2021 she was invited to take on the role of Chair of the Complaints Investigation Committee.

Kelli has been a guest speaker at the University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba and Assiniboine Community College on topics related to the practice of family law, alternative dispute resolution, access to justice issues and legal ethics.

She and her husband Ryan live in Virden.