Alternative Legal Services Providers

Exploring Options for Persons who are not Lawyers to Provide a Limited Scope of Services

The Law Society is exploring how to increase access to justice for members of the public who are in need of legal services. We have created a Consultation Document for key stakeholders including members of the public and members of the profession to provide feedback on:

  • Expanding the scope of services a person may provide in the area of family law, either independently or under the supervision of a lawyer; and
  • Identifying a scope of services that Limited Practitioners both in and outside the realm of family law may provide either independently, or under the supervision of a lawyer.

Thank You for Your Input

Feedback on this consultation document has now closed. For more information, please contact Darcia Senft at

We thank you for taking the time to review the consultation document and offer your valuable feedback for consideration by the benchers as they engage in this important work to promote and improve access to justice in the Province of Manitoba.

Background Information

Access to justice is a critical issue for many people who are simply unable to afford the costs typically associated with obtaining legal advice from a lawyer. In the Law Society’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2020, the benchers identified access to justice as one of the Law Society’s four strategic objectives.

In an effort to promote increased access, the benchers previously asked the Provincial government to amend The Legal Profession Act to give authority to the Society to create additional exemptions to unauthorized practice and also to create a new category of legal services providers who are not lawyers. The government responded favourably to the request and Bill 24 has been introduced in the legislature. It would permit the benchers to approve the delivery of legal services by Limited Practitioners with appropriate training and education and in prescribed areas that pose no risk to the public. For more information see Bill 24.