Professional Liability Insurance

All lawyers who are required to be insured under The Legal Profession Act of Manitoba are covered under The Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance Group Policy

Visit the member’s portal for information about your Professional Liability Insurance, including:

  • a copy of the current Policy;
  • advice on Reporting a Claim;
  • a copy of the Claim Report Form;
  • information on purchasing Excess Insurance from (CLIA).

CLIA Cyber Liability Insurance

All insured lawyers are also covered under CLIA’s Cyber Liability Policy of Insurance.

Visit the member’s portal for information about your Cyber Liability Insurance, including:

  • CLIA Cyber Liability Policy of Insurance;
  • conditions of coverage;
  • how to access the cyber program for emergency assistance and;
  • how to report a cyber claim.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

All lawyers with a valid Manitoba practising certificate who act as director, officer or trustee of a Canadian corporation, organization, charity, trust or entity domiciled and headquartered in Canada are covered by “last resort” outside directors liability insurance.

Visit the member’s portal for access information about your outside directors liability insurance including:

  • Policy wording;
  • reporting procedures.

Lawyers with questions or concerns regarding the Professional Liability Claims Fund can contact:

Tana Christianson, Director | Insurance

Kate Craton, Claims Counsel | Insurance

James Cox, Claims Counsel | Insurance

William Barnstead, Claims Counsel | Insurance