Bringing our legal community together in a healthier, more sustainable way

On June 17, the Law Society of Manitoba in collaboration with Law(yer) Strong and the Manitoba Bar Association issued a challenge to all Manitoba legal workplaces.  This challenge encourages small but meaningful steps to build a healthier and more sustainable legal culture. The Wellness Challenge is our proactive response, designed to cultivate healthier work environments and address the root causes of stress and imbalance within the legal profession. ​Based on the insights from the “Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Practice of Law in Canada Research Report” this challenge emphasizes creating a supportive work environment and promoting well-being for all.

The eight-week challenge consists of four sets of tasks focusing on key areas: social, practice, and individual contexts.  These challenges are thoughtfully crafted for legal workplaces of all sizes, encouraging practical and impactful participation. The primary goal is to involve everyone in the workplace and foster meaningful conversations about workplace culture.

The profession will receive weekly reminder emails and messages of encouragement from Wellness Challenge Coordinator Amy Tung.

To ensure you receive these emails, please add to your safe sender list.

Together, we can create a legal community that is healthier, more supportive, and better equipped to serve the needs of our clients and society at large.