2024-03-04Fourmeaux Clemens, Lauren Nicole 69145442Notice of Suspension
2024-02-21Black-Branch, Jonathan Lee (Dr. Jonathan) 2326579115Notice of Disbarment
2024-01-02Badohal, Chaman Deep 835956729Notice of Disbarment
2023-12-20Fawcett, Ryan William 2694761127Notice of Suspension
2023-05-10Batish, Manu 2161060561Notice of Restriction
2023-04-04Richert, Dean Courtney George 206426757Notice of Disbarment
2023-02-24Rabb, Jeffrey Mark (Jeff) 939930419Notice of Resignation
2023-02-14Warren, Tyler David 1276830912Notice of Restricted Practice
2023-02-10Webb, Karen Lee 3874788454Notice of Withdrawal
2023-01-24Stefanyshyn, Peter Richard (P. Richard) 1068258985Notice of Withdrawal
2022-09-06Turner, Thomas William 4288698229Notice of Supervision
2022-03-25Carroll, Margaret Catherine 3620365133Notice of Suspension
2021-11-24Cramer, Caroline B. (Caroline B.) 517438759Notice of Interim Suspension
2020-10-09Fawcett, Ryan William 2694761127Notice of Undertaking
2020-09-11Champagne, Gisele Rita 4126551864Notice of Undertaking
2020-06-25Jhanji, Vibhu Raj 612066851Notice of Suspension
2019-05-14Khandelwal, Subhash Chand (Sam) 3211453725Notice of Restrictions
2019-03-28Kalo, Michael Kalo, Michael 1828447563Notice of Injuction
2018-11-21Champagne, Gisele Rita 4126551864Notice of Undertaking
2018-05-30Khandelwal, Subhash Chand (Sam) 3211453725Notice of Restriction
2013-11-25Young, Kenneth Bryan 1050324250Notice of Restricted Practice