Manitoba Criminal Defence Lawyers are invited to take part in a 15-minute survey to assist with advancing knowledge of legal representation for marginalized litigants and help  improve access to justice.

A research project is interested in the point of view of criminal defence lawyers regarding their experiences in representing marginalized people. The aim of the survey is to ask defence lawyers across Canada about their experiences in representing marginalized people, in order to understand how social context is taken into account in practice and in court proceedings.

By “marginalized people” we mean, for example, those who experience racial discrimination, homelessness or financial insecurity, and those who are stigmatized because of mental health or substance use, or because they are sex workers.

Participation in this survey consists of answering the questions. Respondents are not required to identify themselves. The confidentiality of personal information will be preserved, and no information allowing respondents to be identified will be disseminated.

Participation is voluntary, and participants may refuse to answer one or more questions without explanation. They may stop participating at any time during the survey. However, once the survey has been completed and sent out, it will no longer be possible to withdraw from the research, given the anonymity of the responses.

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