Discipline Decisions

Access a lawyer’s discipline history by searching their name, date, or type of discipline decision. Records from 1994 and earlier are available. Starting in 2014 full Discipline Committee Reasons for Decisions were published in addition to Discipline Case Digests.

DateNameCase No.DecisionDescription
2023-01-23RABB, Jeffrey Mark2023-01Conduct & ConsequencesConduct Unbecoming a Lawyer
2022-12-15PROBER, James Charles2022-12Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to be Courteous and Civil
2022-12-09WARREN, Tyler David2022-11Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity / Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society /Failure to Obtain and Record Client Identification
2022-09-27GOLDBERG, Jason Ashley2022-10Conduct & ConsequencesActing without and against Instructions / Quality of Service / Failure to be Courteous, Civil and Act in Good Faith / Breach of Privilege and Confidentiality / Conflict of Interest
2022-09-06GREENBERG, Harley Jerome2022-09Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service
2022-08-09BURWASH, Karen Ann2022-08Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society
2022-06-24MURRAY, William Ronald2022-07Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity and Improper use of Trust Account / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules
2022-06-02STERN, Gary Samuel2022-06Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service
2022-05-26CURRIE, Orvel Larry2022-05Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity / Duty to Court
2022-05-05FAWCETT, Ryan William2022-04Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Undertaking to the Law Society / Conduct Unbecoming a Lawyer (Dishonourable, Disgraceful and Reprehensible – Sexual Harassment)
2022-10-14FIORINO, Joseph George2022-03Motion – Post DecisionMotion to Revise Reasons
2022-04-19FIORINO, Joseph George2022-03Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond Promptly and Completely to the Law Society / Failure to be Courteous, Civil and Act in Good Faith / Failure to Avoid Sharp Practice
2022-03-30RESTALL, JR., John Hunter2022-02Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity / Conflict of Interest
2022-02-11CARROLL, Margaret Catherine2022-01Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Deposit Trust Money into Pooled Trust Account / Breach of Integrity / Failure to Respond to the Law Society
2021-12-31KHANDELWAL, Subhash Chand2021-11Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity / Conflict of Interest / Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society
2021-12-20BAUMAN, Gregory Lloyd2021-10Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity / Conflict of Interest / Quality of Service
2021-12-14Member A2021-09Conduct (Acquittal) Quality of Service / Offensive Communication
2021-12-10HOGUE, Joseph Jules Alain2021-08Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Provide and Ensure Adequate Supervision of Support Staff
2021-11-05TAN, Wen Yen (Jazz)2021-07Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity / Quality of Service
2021-09-28Member A2021-06PardonPardon Application
2021-10-27WEBB, Karen Lee2021-05Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service
2021-09-29PURVIS, Darcy Frederick2021-04Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Trust Accounting Rules
2021-09-07BADOHAL, Chaman2021-03Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity (conduct unbecoming a lawyer) / Breach of Integrity (professional misconduct)
2021-07-23GEMBEY, Bonnie Lynne2021-02Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity (including Misappropriation and Misleading Clients, CIC & Complaints Resolution Counsel) / Failure to File Annual Member Report / Failure to Respond to the Law Society (Audit and Complaints) / Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society / Breach of Trust and General Accounting Rules / Quality of Service
2021-06-09BADMUS, Omolara2021-01Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity
2021-03-19LEE, Robert Craig
2020-08Conduct & ConsequencesConflict of Interest / Quality of Service / Failure to Respond to the Law Society
2021-02-19ALCOCK, Richard Maurice2020-07Conduct & Consequences Quality of Service
2021-01-12CHAMPAGNE, Gisele Rita2020-06Conduct & Consequences Breach of Integrity / Charged and Accepted Fees and Disbursements that were not Fair, Reasonable and Disclosed in a Timely Fashion / Failure to Deposit Trust Money into Pooled Trust Account
2020-12-22WANG, Junling2020-05Conduct & Consequences Failure to Respond to the Law Society / Breach of Integrity / Failure to Preserve Client Property / Entered Into and Implemented a Scheme for Sharing Legal Fees with a Person who is not a Lawyer / Failure to Provide Direct and Adequate Supervision to Staff / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules / Failure to Maintain General Accounting Records / Received Cash from Clients but did not Maintain a Book of Duplicate Receipts / Incompetence / Conflict of Interest / Breach of Trust Condition / Duty to Lawyers – Failure to Respond to Communications / Quality of Service
2020-11-30MAYER, Douglas Albert2020-04ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society / Quality of Service / Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society / Breach of the Duty of Civility
2020-10-21MAYER, Douglas Albert2020-04ConductFailure to Respond to the Law Society / Quality of Service / Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society / Breach of the Duty of Civility

2020-10-22MAYER, Douglas Albert2020-03Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Failure to Notify Insurer
HESSE, Paul Richard2020-02Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Integrity (including Misappropriation) / Conflict of Interest / Quality of Service / Borrowing from Client /Guaranteeing Debt of a Client / Failure to Respond to the Law Society / Failure to Appear before the Complaints Investigation Committee
2020-09-25DEGNER, Adeline Lorraine 2020-01Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2020-02-07WALKER, David Wolfe2019-09Conduct & Consequences
Failure to Respond, Duty to Court, Quality of Service, Breach of trust condition, Breach of undertaking
2020-05-27KHANDELWAL, Subhash Chand
2019-08Conduct & ConsequencesConflict of Interest, Doing Business with Client, Quality of Service, Breach of Trust Condition, Breach of Practice Restriction
2019-02-27 KHANDELWAL, Subhash Chand
2019-08MotionMotion to allow for assistance from suspended lawyer
2021-10-14LANGFORD, Brian Attwood2019-07AppealIntegrity – Income Tax Evasion, Respect for Administration of Justice
2021-02-24LANGFORD, Brian Attwood2019-07ConsequencesIntegrity – Income Tax Evasion, Respect for Administration of Justice
2020-06-09LANGFORD, Brian Attwood 2019-07ConductIntegrity – Income Tax Evasion, Respect for Administration of Justice
2022-09-29JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06AppealCompetence - Conduct / Consequences
2020-06-23JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06ConsequencesCompetence
2020-01-14JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06ConductCompetence
2019-11-19JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06MotionMotions regarding Adjournment, Sufficiency of Charge & Breach of Privacy
2019-10-24JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06MotionReconsider Motion to disqualify counsel, Fresh Evidence
2019-09-24JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06MotionReconsider Motion to Disqualify Counsel
2019-09-24JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06MotionRequest to Issue Subpoena
2019-06-19JHANJI, Vibhu Raj2019-06MotionMotion to disqualify counsel
2019-10-28DEGNER, Adeline Lorraine 2019-05Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Duty to Lawyers
2019-09-25RICHERT, Jonathan Andrew 2019-04Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society / Failure to Comply with a Condition of an Order
2019-09-25 KEESIC, Steven Mark 2019-03Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Duty of Integrity / Misappropriation / Misleading Clients / Breach of Undertaking
2019-09-11OVERWATER, Shelley Loreen 2019-02ReinstatementReinstatement Application
2019-05-09MEMBER A 2019-01PardonPardon Application
2018-12-10 ADACHI, Midori2018-07Conduct & ConsequencesConflict of Interest / Failing to Act with Integrity /Assisting or Encouraging Dishonesty
2019-03-01 VYAMUCHARO-SHAWA, Paul Sydney 2018-06Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Trust Condition, Misleading
2019-03-14RICHERT, Jonathan Andrew 2018-05Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2018-11-05CHAMPAGNE, Gisele Rita2018-04 Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service
2018-10-10LAW, Michael John 2018-03Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Trust and General Accounting Rules
2018-09-06 RICHERT, Jonathan Andrew 2018-02Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2018-06-20BUETI, Vincent Joseph 2018-01Conduct & ConsequencesConflict of Interest / Duty to Lawyers
2021-08-12HISTED, R. Ian2017-11AppealHonesty & Candour / Courtesy & Respect / Courtesy & Good Faith / Offensive Communication
2020-04-16HISTED, R. Ian2017-11ConsequencesHonesty & Candour, Courtesy & Respect, Courtesy & Good Faith, Offensive Communication
2019-12-13HISTED, R. Ian2017-11ConductHonesty & Candour, Courtesy & Respect, Courtesy & Good Faith, Offensive Communication
2017-11-24HISTED, R. Ian2017-11Motion
Motion for Summary Dismissal
2018-11-14 SULLIVAN, Neil William 2017-10ConsequencesIntegrity / Quality of Service
2018-03-26SULLIVAN, Neil William 2017-10ConductIntegrity / Quality of Service
2018-03-13PERSAD, Anand Varuun 2017-09AppealIntegrity / Quality of Service / Duty to Lawyers / Conflict of Interest / Duty to Law Society / Duty on Discharge / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules / Duty to Court / Breach of Trust Condition
2018-02-21 ORLIKOW, Daniel Paul 2017-08Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service
2017-11-24PETRYSHYN, John Slawko2017-07Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society / Misappropriation / Misleading Clients / Failure to Supervise Staff / Breach of Trust Condition / Quality of Service / Offensive Communication / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules / Incompetence
2017-10-04SINCLAIR, John Loring Patrick2017-06Conduct & ConsequencesDuty to Lawyers / Breach of Trust Condition
2017-09-26GEMBEY, Bonnie Lynne 2017-05Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2017-05-26SOPER, John David Laurence 2017-04Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Accounting Rules / Duty on Changing Firms /Client Identification Rules
2017-07-14DEGNER, Adeline Lorraine 2017-03Conduct & ConsequencesDuty to Lawyers / Quality of Service
2017-05-04ROSENBAUM, Harry Joseph 2017-02Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Confidentiality
2017-04-03BEYETTE, Jason Patrick2017-01Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Conflict of Interest /Duty to Court and Lawyers
2018-11-28 YOUNG, James Graeme Earle2016-10AppealMisappropriation / Misleading / Breach of Trust Condition /Breach of Undertaking
2017-09-07YOUNG, James Graeme Earle 2016-10Conduct & ConsequencesMisappropriation / Misleading / Breach of Trust Condition /Breach of Undertaking
2017-05-19YOUNG, James Graeme Earle2016-10ConductMisappropriation / Misleading / Breach of Trust Condition /Breach of Undertaking
2017-03-17 YOUNG, James Graeme Earle2016-10MotionMisappropriation / Misleading / Breach of Trust Condition /Breach of Undertaking
2017-06-30SINCLAIR, John Loring Patrick 2016-09Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Undertaking / Breach of Accounting Rules
2017-02-17BAKER, Allan Phillip 2016-08Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service
2017-02-02STERN, Gary Samuel2016-07Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Unreasonable Fees and Disbursements /Manner of Withdrawal / Failure to Notify Client of Change of Firm
2016-12-05GEMBEY, Bonnie Lynne2016-06Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society / Failure to Serve
2016-11-02MACDONALD, Kevin Allan2016-05Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Trust Condition / Duty to Lawyers / Quality of Service / Failure to Notify Insurer
2016-09-06GEMBEY, Bonnie Lynne2016-04Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2016-09-07STIENSTRA, Michael James2016-03Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Duty to Lawyers
2016-08-26WAGNER, Cameron Peter2016-02Conduct & ConsequencesIntegrity / Duty to Lawyers / Quality of Service
2016-08-19FERRISS, Kelly Rhodel Dunn2016-01AppealConflict of Interest
2018-03-08 ALGHOUL, Louay Rustom 2015-18AppealDuty to Tribunal
2017-04-17ALGHOUL, Louay Rustom2015-18ConsequencesDuty to Tribunal
2016-12-22ALGHOUL, Louay Rustom2015-18ConductDuty to Tribunal
2016-03-21CAPOZZI, Michele2015-17Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Trust Accounting Rules
2016-02-19 BRADLEY, David Michael 2015-16Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Act with Integrity (Misappropriation and Misleading) /Conflict of Interest / Failure to Serve
2016-02-16 OKIMAW, Moses 2015-15Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service
2016-02-05TURNER, Jamie Lee 2015-14 Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Duty to other Counsel
2016-01-27 SOPER, John David Laurence 2015-13Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Breach of Duty to Tribunal /Failure to Respond to the Society
2016-01-22 CLARKE, Alastair Winston 2015-12Conduct & ConsequencesMisleading the Society /Breach of Trust Accounting Rules
2016-01-12 PERSAD, Anand Varuun 2015-11Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2016-01-12MEMBER A 2015-10MotionPardon Application
2015-12-27WANG, Junling2015-09Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Undertaking to the Society / Failure to Respond to the Society
2015-11-10WANG, Junling2015-08Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2015-09-17CRAMER, Caroline B.2015-07Conduct & ConsequencesConflict of Interest / Quality of Service
2015-06-29GORLICK, Barry Lee2015-06Conduct & ConsequencesQuality Of Service / Duty To Lawyers (Conduct) /
Integrity (Misappropriation) / Conflict Of Interest
2015-09-23YOUNG, James Graeme Earle2015-05Conduct & ConsequencesIntegrity / Quality Of Service / Duty To Lawyers / Duty To Court
2015-08-07WIDMER THRUSH, Avaline Janine2015-04Conduct & ConsequencesIntegrity / Quality Of Service / Conflict Of Interest /Duty To Lawyers
2015-07-20JACHETTA, Peter Ottavio2015-03Conduct & ConsequencesIntegrity / Misappropriation
2015-06-18MAYER, Douglas Albert2015-02Conduct & ConsequencesQuality of Service / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules
2015-04-14SOPER, John David Laurence2015-01Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Respond
2016-12-08CHERRETT, Lawrence Bremner2014-09AppealIntegrity and Misappropriation
2015-10-06CHERRETT, Lawrence Bremner2014-09ConsequencesIntegrity and Misappropriation
2015-02-26CHERRETT, Lawrence Bremner2014-09ConductIntegrity and Misappropriation
2016-05-31DOOLAN, Robert Frank2014-08Conduct & ConsequencesMisappropriation / Misleading the Law Society
2014-12-23DOOLAN, Robert Frank2014-08ConsequencesMisappropriation / Misleading the Law Society
2014-08-20DOOLAN, Robert Frank2014-08ConductMisappropriation / Misleading the Law Society
2015-03-26OVERWATER, Shelley Loreen2014-07Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Trust Account Rules / Breach of Undertaking / Breach of Trust Condition / Integrity
2015-01-29BRADLEY, David Michael2014-06Conduct & ConsequencesIntegrity / Quality of Service / Duty to Lawyers
2014-11-11CLAY, Grant Randolph2014-05Conduct & ConsequencesCase Digest - Quality of Service / Duty to Court
2014-11-12JOHNSON, Frank Albert Gustav2014-04Conduct & ConsequencesBreach of Trust Accounting Rules / Integrity
2014-10-06PETRYSHYN, John Slawko2014-03Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Comply with Trust Condition/Duty to Lawyers
2014-05-21CRANE, Lawrence Ramsay2014-02Conduct & ConsequencesFailure to Disclose Fees
2014-04-02SHARMA, Rajan2014-01Conduct & ConsequencesIntegrity
2014-01-07KATELNIKOFF, Gordon Walter2013-11NABreach of Accounting Rules
2013-12-11SALMON, Jeff Andrew2013-10NAMisappropriation / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules
2013-12-03SOPER, John David Laurence2013-09NAFailure to Respond
2013-10-22Member A2013-08NAFailure to Respond
2013-11-06GREGOIRE, Joseph Jean Marcel Romuald2013-07NAFees / Responsibility to Lawyers and Others / Integrity
2013-09-09YOUNG, Kenneth Bryan2013-06NAIntegrity
2013-06-05WAWRYKOW, Dennis George2013-05NAIntegrity / Conflicting Interests
2013-09-25BOYECHKO, Dave Robert Thomas2013-04NAIntegrity / Conflict of Interest / Avoiding Questionable Conduct
2013-07-18MASIOWSKI, Thomas Adam2013-03NABreach of Accounting Rules / Failure to Meet Financial Obligations
2013-06-20KRAWCHUK, Barry Eugene2013-02NAExcessive Fees
2013-05-24NADEAU, James Ronald2013-01NAMisappropriation / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules / Breach
Conditions of Practice / Failure to Respond / Ungovernability
2012-09-10ANHANG, Abraham2012-11NAReinstatement Application
2012-12-13BURCH, Carl Franklin2012-10NAIntegrity / Conflict of Interest
2012-10-11GREENBERG, Harley Jerome2012-09NAFailure to Respond
2012-09-26MEMBER C2012-08NAPardon Application
2012-07-17LUK, Eva Yee-Wah2012-07NAProfessional Misconduct
2012-04-03CHAMPAGNE, Gisele Rita2012-06NAQuality of Service
2012-07-12MAYER, Douglas Albert2012-05NAFailure to Respond
2012-07-04WALIA, Ranjit Singh2012-04NAConflict of Interest
2012-06-19MEMBER B2012-03NAPardon Application
2012-06-19MEMBER A2012-02NAPardon Application
2012-06-11GREGOIRE, Joseph Jean Marcel Romuald2012-01NABreach of Integrity / Quality of Service / Failure to Respond
2012-02-16NIEDERHOFFER, Jeffrey Joseph2011-11NABreach of Integrity / Unauthorized Practice of Law
2012-01-17FISHER, Robert Lewis2011-10NA Misappropriation / Breach of Integrity /
Failure to Serve Client / Failure to Respond
2012-02-21TENNENHOUSE, Howard Lorne2011-09NABreach of Integrity / Misappropriation
/ Unauthorized Practice of Law
2012-02-14BARGEN, Victor Erich2011-08NABreach of Trust Condition / Integrity / Quality of Service
2012-01-11WIDMER THRUSH, Avaline Janine2011-07NABreach of Trust Condition
2011-11-25GORLICK, Barry Lee2011-06NAFailure to Serve Client
2011-10-27KRESS, Brian Rickey2011-05NAConflicting Interests
2011-10-05KATELNIKOFF, Gordon Walter2011-04NAFailure to Respond
2011-06-09MADICK, Michele Lynn2011-03NABreach of Integrity / Excessive Fees
2011-05-26BELEY, Terry Peter2011-02NAQuality of Service
2011-09-28MAYER, Douglas Albert2011-01NAQuality of Service
2010-10-25GUTKIN, Ralph Lawrence2010-16NAReinstatement Application
2011-03-30SMITH, James Richard2010-15NABreach of Integrity and Failure to Serve
2011-03-09GUTTMAN, David Allan2010-14NABreach of Integrity / Failure to Treat Tribunal with Courtesy and Respect
2011-03-28KING, Jack Anthony Stewart2010-13NASexual Harassment
2011-03-24GREGOIRE, Joseph Jean Marcel Romuald2010-12NAConflict of Interest
2011-03-11NADEAU, James Ronald2010-11NABreach of Integrity / Failure to Respond / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules / Failure to Treat Tribunal with Courtesy and Respect / Quality of Service
2010-11-23LASKO, Paul Frederick2010-10NABreach of Accounting Rules
2010-12-17LUK, Eva Yee-Wah2010-09NAProfessional Misconduct
2010-10-07DOLOVICH, Gary Philip2010-08NAConduct Unbecoming
2010-07-13MEMBER A2010-07NAPardon Application
2010-06-16CVITKOVITCH, Frank Louis2010-06NABreach of Integrity and Excessive Fees
2010-03-15MACKINNON, Donald Joel2010-05NABreach of Integrity and Failure to Serve
2010-06-07TENNENHOUSE, Howard Lorne2010-04NABreach of Accounting Rules / Breach of Integrity
2010-02-23WALIA, Ranjit Singh2010-03NABreach of Integrity and Conflict of Interest
2010-03-05KOHAYKEWYCH, Michael Daniel2010-02NABreach of Integrity and Conflict of Interest
2010-02-10WIENS, Harry John2010-01NASexual Harassment of Staff
2009-16NAPardon Application
2009-15NAPardon Application
HOLMES, Richard Allen Paul2009-14NAFailure to Serve / Breach of Duties Owed to Clients
TRONIAK, Dennis Michael2009-13NAFailure to Serve / Breach of Integrity
CAPOZZI, Michele2009-12NABreach of Accounting Rules
GUTTMAN, David Allan2009-11NABreach of Integrity
2008-08-13 (Sentencing)
CARROL, Henry Nelson2009-10NABreach of Integrity
BRODSKY, Gerald Gregory
2009-09NABreach of Integrity / Breach of Accounting Rules
POOLE, Richard Grant2009-08NAFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2009-05-25GREENBERG, Harley Jerome2009-07NAConflict of Interest / Breach of Integrity
2008-12-18TAYLOR, Timothy Neil2009-06NABreach of Integrity
2008-10-20FISHER, Robert Lewis2009-05NAFailure to Serve Client / Failure to Be Honest and Candid with Client
2008-09-04SHAWA, Paul Sydney2009-04NABreach of Integrity / Breach of Accounting Rules
2009-03-04DAVIS, David Hirsch2009-03NAConflict of Interest/Breach of Integrity
2009-01-14 (Sentencing)
RITCHOT, Sherry Denise2009-02NABreach of Integrity / Failing to Treat Court with Courtesy and Respect
2008-10-16RITCHOT, Sherry Denise
2009-01NABreach of Integrity / Failing to Treat Tribunal with Courtesy and Respect
2008-12-11SINCLAIR, John Loring Patrick2008-09NAFailing to Serve Clients
2008-11-04(AMENDED) Member A2008-08NAFailure to Comply with Trust Condition / Misleading Another Lawyer
2008-08-25HENDERSON, Richard James2008-07NABreach of Trust Accounting Rules
2008-07-17BARGEN, Victor Erich2008-06NABreach of Trust Condition / Conflict of Interest
2008-01-08DAVIS, David Hirsch2008-05NAFailure to Deposit Funds to Trust Account
2007-11-13MEMBER B2008-04NAFailure to Respond to Opposing Counsel
2008-10-11MEMBER A2008-03NA Failure to Conduct with Self Integrity
2008-12-19CHEN, Ingrid Yin-Yu2008-02NABreach of Integrity
2008-04-24HISTED, Robert Ian2008-01NAWriting an Offensive Letter
2007-07-12MCDOWELL, Terrence Richard2007-12NA Failure to Serve Client / Breach of Integrity
2007-12-18KATELNIKOFF, Gordon Walter2007-11NA Breach of Accounting Rules
2005-02-24HISTED, Robert Ian2007-10NA Conflict of Interest / Failure to Serve Client
2007-10-15WALIA, Ranjit Singh2007-09NABreach of Undertaking
2007-07-17CHERRETT, Lawrence Bremner2007-08NAFailing to Serve Clients
2007-09-26KITCHEN, William Douglas2007-07NAFailure to File Form D
2007-06-18 LUK, Eva Yee-Wah2007-06NABreach of Accounting Rules
2007-06-27ORLE, George Joseph2007-05NAFailure to Respond
2007-06-07HOLMES, Richard Allen Paul2007-04NAFailure to Respond / Failure to Act With Integrity
2007-05-02LOCKHART, Glenn Robert2007-03NABreach of Integrity
2007-03-20WALSH, Paul Victor2007-02NABreach of Undertaking
2006-12-21RICHERT, Dean Courtney George2007-01NABreach of Integrity
2006-06-21MEMBER A2006-10NA Pardon Application
2006-05-01WALSH, Paul Victor2006-09NAFailure to Serve Client / Breach of Professional Duties
2006-09-14BERGEN, Ewald2006-08NAConflict of Interest / Failure to File Form D
FRYATT, John (Jack) Robert2006-07NAConduct While Suspended
2006-07-25HOFFER, Aaron Adrion Douglas2006-06NAFailure to Serve Client / Breach of Trust Accounting Rules
2006-06-19NADEAU, James Ronald2006-05NAFailure to File Annual Trust Account Report (Form D)
2006-06-02POOLE, Richard Grant2006-04NAFailure to Respond to the Law Society
2006-04-18SINCLAIR, John Loring Patrick2006-03NAFailure to Serve Client / Act with Integrity
2006-04-07ROY, Barry Allan2006-02NAFailure to Respond / Breach of Undertaking
2006-04-03GREENBERG, Harley Jerome2006-01NAFailure to Respond
2005-10-12MOSS, Peter Joel2005-04NAConflict of Interest
2005-05-21GRIFFIN, Douglas Melvin2005-03NAMisappropriation
2005-04-06SAVINO, Victor Steven2005-02NAUngovernable Member
2005-02-24NADEAU, James Ronald2005-01NABreach of Accounting Rules; Failing to Treat Tribunal with Courtesy and
2004-12-14FRYATT, John (Jack) Robert2004-05NAExcessive Fees
2004-08-06WALSH, Paul Victor2004-04NAConflict of Interest / Failing to Act With Integrity
2004-08-18BROWN, John Charles2004-03NAFailure to Serve
2004-04-21SMITH, Remi Cecil2004-02NAFailure to Respond
2004-03-23BOMEK, James Michael David2004-01NAFailing to Act With Integrity / Misappropriation
2003-06-09HISTED, Robert Ian2003-03NABreach of Trust Condition
2003-09-08BOWMAN, Brian Douglas
2003-08-26MACIVER, Donald Neil2003-01NABreach of Duty of Integrity
2003-01-22WALSH, Paul Victor 2002-09NAFailure to Serve / Failure to Observe a Proper Standard of Conduct
2002-06-24CRAMER, Phillip F. B.2002-08NA Failure to Serve Clients
2002-07-31ANHANG, Abraham
2002-05-15AMENT, Otto Georg
2002-05-28SCHMIDT, George Bernard
2002-05NAFailure to Serve Client / Breach of Trust Condition
2002-04-10ROSE, James Fredrick Charles
2002-04NAFailure to Observe a Proper Standard of Conduct
2002-03-12SINCLAIR, John Loring Patrick 2002-03NAFailure to Serve Client
2002-04-08LAXER, Ronald Alan2002-02NA Misappropriation
2002-03-04BOMEK, James Michael David 2002-01NAFees / Misleading The Law Society
2002-02-13ANHANG, Abraham2001-07NAFailure to Act with Integrity
2001-09-13CHAMPAGNE, Gisele Rita2001-06NA Breach of Integrity
2001-10-30SINCLAIR, John Loring Patrick2001-05NABreach of Trust Accounting Rules
2001-05-23DAVIS, David Hirsch2001-04NA Sexual Harassment
2001-09-06BOND, James Edward2001-03NAMisappropriation
2001-07-10DOAK, Gerald Ernest2001-02NABreach of Accounting Rules
2001-03-01CHERRETT, Lawrence Bremner2001-01NAFailure to Refer Clients for Independent Legal Advice
2001-02-14GWYN, Peter Nguyen2000-10NABreach of Trust Accounting Rules
2001-01-31HOFFER, Aaron Adrion Douglas2000-09NAFailure to Respond to Society / Serve Client
2001-01-18MESTDAGH, Theresa Marie2000-08NA Failure to Serve Client
2001-01-10McMULLAN, Paul Jason2000-07NAMisleading the Society / Client
2000-10-30WILLIAMS, Glen Taylor2000-06NAConduct Unbecoming
2000-11-14MEMBER F2000-05NADishonourable or Questionable Conduct
2000-10-11HOGUE, Joseph Jules2000-04NABreach of Accounting Rules
2000-09-11SHAWA, Paul Sydney2000-03NAMisappropriation
2000-08-14KRAWCHUK, Barry Eugene2000-02NAConflict of Interest
2000-06-01ROSENBAUM, Samuel Norman2000-01NA Incompetence
1999-07-15FURGALE, Timothy Christopher1999-11NAConflict of Interest
2000-02-23WARD, Richard Anthony1999-10NAUngovernability
1999-12-15STEFANYSHYN, Peter Richard1999-09NAConflict of Interest
1999-12-08SINCLAIR, John Loring Patrick1999-08NAFailure to Conform to the Rules Respecting Accounts
1999-04-28BLACK, Ronald Keith1999-07NAFailure to Serve Clients / Breach of Accounting Rules
2000-01-12ANDREWS, Kenneth Edward1999-06NAFailure to Serve Client
1999-11-19ROSS, Jerry George1999-05NAFailure to Serve Clients
1999-11-22OAKES, Raymond Phillip1999-04NAConflict of Interest
1999-07-13SCHMIDT, George Bernard1999-03NABreach of Trust Condition
1999-07-07AMENT, Otto Georg1999-02NAFailure to Reply
1999-05-17DRAGUN, Eva1999-01NAFailure to Serve Clients
1998-06-15GREENBERG, Lawrence Charles1998-13NA Misappropriation
1999-03-24ROSENBAUM, Samuel Norman1998-12NAFailure to Meet Financial Obligations
1999-01-13 KASLOFF, Theodore Lee1998-11NABreach of Accounting Rules
1999-01-27 (Date of Decision)MEMBER A1998-10NAApplication to be Relieved of an Undertaking
1998-10-28REGELOUS, Douglas W.1998-09NAFailure to Respond to the Law Society
1998-10-15MEMBER A1998-08NAExcessive Fees
1998-09-30MEMBER B1998-07NABreach of Order to Pay
1998-09-29TRUSEWYCH, Nicholas1998-06NAFailure to Provide Contingency Agreement
1998-09-09FISHER, Robert Lewis1998-05NAMisappropriation
1998-07-09NORMAN, Lance Alexander1998-04NAFailure to Serve Clients
1998-06-24CHERRETT, Lawrence Bremner1998-03NABreach of Trust Condition
1998-06-19ROSS, Jerry George1998-02NABreach of Trust Condition
1998-05-14LEE, Brock Glover1998-01NAUnreasonable Fee
1997-09-03GUTKIN, Ralph Lawrence1997-14NAMisappropriation
1998-02-03BONDAR, Stephen Samuel1997-13NAUngovernable Member
1997-12-01MEMBER B1997-12NAConflict of Interest
1998-02-19MCDOWELL, Terrence R1997-11NAFailure to Inform Client of Error or Omission
1998-02-10WARD, Richard Anthony1997-10NAConflict of Interest
1996-12-04MEMBER A1997-09NAConflict of Interest
1997-08-12SMITH, Remi Cecil1997-08NAFailure to File Form D
1997-10-27BUNN, Thomas Andrew1997-07NAMisappropriation
1997-12-04DEWAR, Janice Mae1997-06NAFailure to Notify Insurer
1997-07-29BROWN, John Charles1997-05NAFailure to File Form D
1997-07-03TRONIAK, Dennis Michael1997-04NAExcessive Fees
1997-05-13WARD, Richard Anthony1997-03NAConflict of Interest
1997-05-23BLACK, Ronald Keith1997-02NAFailure to Provide Information
1997-04-03CLAY, Grant Randolph1997-01NA Failure to Serve Client
1997-01-23WALSH, Paul Victor1996-29NAFailure to Serve Clients
1997-01-17ROSS, Jerry George1996-28NABreach of Trust Accounting Rules
1997-02-03SMITH, Remi Cecil1996-27NABreach of Trust Condition
1996-11-26KATELNIKOFF, Gordon Walter1996-26NABreach of Accounting Rules
1996-11-25Member A1996-25NAFailure to Comply with Court Order
1996-10-01BONDAR, Stephen Samuel1996-24NAFailure to Reply
1996-11-26LASKO, Paul Frederick1996-23NAMisleading Client
1996-11-11BROWN, John Charles1996-22NAFailure to Serve Client / Respond to Law Society
1996-05-3BLACK, Ronald Keith1996-21NAFailure to Maintain Up To Date Trust Records
1996-08-26ALCOCK, Richard Maurice1996-20NA Breach of Duty
1996-07-10BROCK, Christopher Andrew1996-19NAMisappropriation of Firm Monies
1996-08-07NORMAN, Lance Alexander1996-18NAConflict of Interest
1996-06-27REGELOUS, Douglas William1996-17NAFailure to Pay Penalties
1996-06-27ZASLOV, Murray David1996-16NAFailure to Pay Penalties
1996-05-29TRACEY, Michael Thomas1996-15NAConviction Under The Income Tax Act
1996-06-24ENNS, Cornelius Neil1996-14NAFailure to Serve Client
1996-05-16LEVINE, John1996-13NAUngovernable Member
1996-04-30WARD, Robert D.1996-12NA Ungovernable Member
1996-04-17ROSS, Deveryn Donald Alexander1996-11NAConviction Under the Criminal Code
1996-04-09OLSON, Victor Brian1996-10NAImproper Fees (Amended)
1996-02-06FROHLINGER, Thomas Gordon1996-09NAConflict of Interest (Amended)
1996-02-28TRONIAK, Dennis Michael1996-08NAImproper Fees
1996-02-07 WOHLGEMUTH, Dennis Lee1996-07NAMisappropriation
1996-01-22FJELDSTED, Donald Sigurd1996-06NAFailure to Serve Client
1996-01-26ISRAEL, Manly Wilfred1996-05NA Misappropriation
1996-01-24ZITZERMAN, Saul Benjamin1996-04NA Misappropriation
1995-12-11BEAULIEU, Gordon1996-03NAIncompetence
1995-10-12FEDERSEL, George Jiri1996-02NAPayment of Fees Without Permission
1995-11-29WARD, Robert D. 1996-01NAFailure to Respond to the Law Society
1995-11-27BONDAR, Stephen Samuel1995-25NA Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society
1995-11-02GOTTLI, John1995-24NAMisappropriation
1995-05-03MEMBER E1995-23NAFailure to Serve Client
1995-09-13ROSS, Jerry George1995-22NAFailure to Honour a Financial Commitment
1995-09-12WALSH, Paul Victor1995-21NAFailure to Serve Client
1995-09-05KANESKI, Brent Christopher Anthony1995-20NA Failure to Deposit Client Funds Into Trust Account
1995-08-29WARD, Richard Anthony1995-19NABreach of Accounting Rules
1995-07-25GREENBERG, Lawrence Charles1995-18NALack of Courtesy
1995-06-20BUNN, Thomas Andrew1995-17NAImproper Fees
1995-07-11FUNK, George1995-16NABreach of Accounting Rules
1995-02-09SHEAD, Richard George Stanton1995-15NADefrauding Investors
1995-06-29GOLIGHTLY, Grant Edward1995-14NARepresenting Clients While Intoxicated
1995-03-07WARD, Robert D. 1995-13NAFailure to File an Accountant's Report (Form D)
1995-06-01MEMBER D1995-12NAImproper Fees
1995-05-17DRAGUN, Eva1995-11NAFailure to Serve Client
1995-05-16KOHM, Harry1995-10NAFailure to Serve Clients
1995-05-02DRAGUN, Eva1995-09NAMisleading the Law Society
1995-04-28OLSON, Victor Brian1995-08NAFailure to Serve Clients
1995-04-12MEMBER C1995-07NAWriting a Letter that is Unprofessional
1995-03-21MCROBERTS, Robert John Douglas1995-06NABreach of Trust Condition
1995-03-21DOAK, Gerald Ernest1995-05NAImproper Fees
1995-02-28HOGUE, Joseph Jules Alain1995-04NALack of Courtesy Towards Witness
1995-01-31ROSS, Jerry George1995-03NAImproper Fees
1994-11-22ABRAMS, William1995-02NABreach of Accounting Rules
1994-11-23MEMBER B1995-01NAConflict of Interest
1993-11-25 OLSON, Victor Brian1994-17NABreach of Accounting Rules
1994-09-14MEMBER A1994-16NA Incompetence
1993-10-05CLAY, Grant Randolph1994-15NAFailure to Respond to Correspondence
1994-05-12DOAK, Gerald Ernest1994-14NA Failure to Respond to the Law Society
1994-07-06TROSZKO, Wasyl1994-13NABreach of Accounting Rules
1994-07-27MEMBER A1994-12 (Amended)NABreach of Court Order and Trust Condition
1994-08-15BESKO, Theodore Patrick1994-11NAMisappropriation
1994-10-04BEAULIEU, Gordon Charles1994-10NA Failure to Serve Client
1994-07-22BOMEK, James Michael David1994-09NAConflict of Interest
1994-07-07LEVINE, John1994-08NAImproper Fees
1994-07-28PALMER, Alanna Holly Faith1994-07NA Breach of Undertaking to the Law Society
1994-06-20KELLEHER, James Patrick1994-06NAMisappropriation
1994-05-03deLUCIA, Garnet Orlando1994-05NABreach of Trust Condition
1994-04-21MEMBER C1994-04NABreach of Accounting Rules
1994-04-12SIMPSON, John Richard1994-03NAMisappropriation
1994-01-17BOMEK, James Michael David1994-02NABreach of Duties of Candour Honesty and Integrity
1994-01-12 ISRAEL, Manly Wilfred1994-01NAFailure to Act with Integrity by Seeking to Backdate a Document